We are filled with an insatiable curiosity, and we believe that a visit to a lovely place like this, with all it has to offer, deserves a receptive mind and open eyes and ears.

A state that allows you to take in – rather than only see – a place and feel the life of it, instead of just passing through.

The characteristics that connect Val Vogna and Guardabosone are their human dimension and relation – places made by people to be more than just objects.

Thus people play the leading part here, instead of just being a passive audience, and we want every visitor to return home not only with a few photos as souvenirs, but with memories and emotions of a real experience that goes far beyond a rich cultural heritage.

A journey filled with encounters and discoveries, special moments to remember and share.

This is why we put the individual at the centre, and what each one would like to ‘live’. We are Travel Designers, and together with you, we want to build your preferred personal experience.

To achieve the optimal result, we collaborate with the best local professionals and guides in every field: wine, food and accommodation; sports, nature and culture, …. And so much more….

Contact us… we will listen to you!


Roberta Locca
Travel Designer and Professional Counselor